About Us

This website was founded in 2011 to deliver live audio streaming of regional high school, college and professional sports broadcasts. The website available on all mobile devices features professional “radio” broadcasts using professional television and radio announcers.

You’ll also find regional sports stories under Local Sports as well as Po0dcasts featuring those interviewed on the Steve Austin Mid Day show, plus regional heritage columnist Dave Hurst who covers information on travel destinations, area history and interesting information about upcoming events that you can enjoy with your family.

Dave also writes a syndicated column for several regional newspapers and magazines while telling you the story with his audio podcasts weekly here on the A.I.R. Network.

We also recently welcomed veteran radio announcer and television producer Steve Austin (Greg Banks) to the “airwaves” daily with his Mid Day Show Monday to Friday from 9 AM to Noon, mixing music and topics of discussion that affect your life.

Just click on our Tune In button to the right and listen in as Steve engages regional news makers and the audience in discussions in your own backyard. The show will also air on Comcast Channels 2, 17 and 64 on television in Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties beginning in April.

Look for information on upcoming All Star basketball games, high school baseball games and high school football games in the fall of 2013!

We invite you to check us out from time to time and Like us on the A.I.R. Network Face Book page where we’ll keep you posted on upcoming events. Thanks for checking us out and listening to the A.I.R. Network.net!