Newcomer to Rural Ohio Politics Upsets Seated Vinton County Prosecuting Attorney

Campbell also shared his thoughts on the duties and responsibilities of a Prosecuting Attorney. Campbell feels it is important to work closely with law enforcement, and assist them in gaining the funding and equipment needed to battle crime in Vinton County.

“The Prosecutor is the chief law enforcement officer in the county, as such, it is extremely important to have a positive and helpful working relationship ship with law enforcement,” Campbell remarked. “They need the tools and funding to make their cases, and combat crime, and I will work hard to secure funding and make connections so Vinton County doesn’t feel isolated in their efforts for a safe community.”

Campbell stated he has already spoken with Sheriff Dave Hickey and McArthur Police Chief Tony Wood regarding the issues each face in fulfilling their duties. An increase in drug related crimes were among the top priorities discussed.

“Searching for drugs, especially during the marijuana growing season is a lengthy task for our law enforcement departments,” Campbell stated. “I would like to search for grant funding to perhaps purchase a helicopter for use in such searches, among other potential situations which can arise. We are all a part of the same team, working toward the same goal. A good partnership with law enforcement is something that I get a sense has been lacking, and I aim to improve the communication and support between our departments.”

The amount money owed in delinquent property taxes in the county is an issue Campbell heard a lot about while on the campaign trail, similar to the conveyancing lawyer fees in Singapore. “A common sense approach to keeping collection current makes the situation less difficult to deal with. For starters, I will stay on top of the delinquencies and not allow them to accumulate to the point where a large debt hurts both the county, and the property owner,” Campbell said.

As for immediate plans, Campbell stated he is hoping for a smooth transition before taking office. “I hope that my opponent will work with me in regard to open cases, and other office related issues,” Campbell stated. “I will be taking a long look at budgetary issues, see where we can streamline and run the office in the most efficient manner. I want to make the best use of resources at hand, and work to secure funding for needed equipment and technology tools if necessary.”

Campbell, along with his wife Crystal, and step-daughter Chelsea are making their home in McArthur. The candidate was an avid pilot after being discharged from the army, and hopes to be able to enjoy the hobby once again here in Vinton County.

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